About me

I am the author of Afghanistan: A Companion and Guide (along with the excellent Matthew Leeming) and Asia Overland: Tales of Travel on the Trans-Siberian and Silk Road, both published by Odyssey. I have written many articles and reviews on Afghan and Central Asian history, including on the troubled Durand Line (the Afghan-Pakistan frontier) and most recently on the history of business in Afghanistan; many of these are available on my website. I have also lectured and broadcast widely on Afghan history, including to BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service, Sky News, France 24, and to audiences at the British Museum and Royal Society for Asian Affairs. I am a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society.

I am also a Classicist, teaching at Westminster School. In particular, I am a writer of Latin verse. My recent Latin Ode on the London Olympics, written in imitation of the Carmen Saeculare of the poet Horace, received the approval of Boris Johnson, and was featured on the Olympics website as well as in the London Evening Standard. I have also written for the Classical Quarterly.

My website is www.bijanomrani.com and I maintain a twitter-feed translating some of the day’s headlines into Latin – http://twitter.com/latinheadlines

I am represented by the literary agent Andrew Lownie, who can be contacted via his website.